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  • Are your subject programs meant for supporting national or international curriculum?
    Both! Extending the philosophy of Trinity Kids Malaysia, the team brings together a brain-optimising formula of teaching and learning, while providing a holistic development environment.... and most importantly, keeping in mind, practical relevance of what the child needs to thrive in school. The FuturEdLab offers four core subjects that a child may require deep knowledge of in primary school, and creates a fun environment for the child to be inspired in learning again, while gaining deep skills for subject mastery.
  • How long and frequent is a class?
    Each class is one hour long with a usual frequency of once per week.
  • Would the program be age appropriate for my child?
    Yes and no. Due to the differences in syllabus and standards across primary school, the appropriate level for your child may vary across subject. There will be an assessment by an academic director to gauge the best-fit level for the child, followed by a consultation with the parents.
  • Can I extend the hours on some school days?
    Yes, you may opt for extended hours for your child to inwork and socialise our Co-Learning space while you finish your day of work! Co-Learning extension is only available for an existing FuturEdLab student. During the school vacation, you can adjust your child's schedule (say longer hours) to focus more on a particular language (say Chinese), set a goal (say complete a level or take an external checkpoint) or focus on performing arts. Our child is growing with differing needs in the seasons of the year. Supporting her needs while keeping practical view of the family needs is a peace-of-mind and convenience that the FuturEdLab offers.
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